Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Catholic Cathedral required a spiral stairway plastering and metalwork installing. This was an enjoyable job as much of the plaster work required very intricate and difficult shapes. Only the most experienced plasters could undertake some of the arcs and cornices that this job required. The curve and height of this job meant that specialised scaffolding was required that could be lowered down the surface as the work progressed.

Floating Walls

The cylindrical stairwell was over 60ft high, and the plastering and painting had to be undertaken in section as we went down the stairwell. We were conscious of the time required to do this process, and therefore as the plaster dried over each section the workforce was employed on the metalwork and glazing.

Moving down the stairwell

The plaster work began on the lower and upper levels in order to expedite the work process in a timely fashion. The "elevator" platform was lowered down the stairwell, in order to access the most challenging spaces. Electrical work including a zoned mains-operated fire detection followed by simple but effective decoration.

Final Appearance

The job was in a stairway that not too many people will visit at Liverpool Cathedral. David Winstanley Ltd. was particularly proud of this job as the unusual shapes meant that when you look up and round this small area impressive shapes and shadows can be observed. This adds to the grand, powerful impression of the entrance before the visitors amble into the main body of the cathedral.